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Swan St. Florist brings customer's vision to life

You might say Amy Rivera has spent her whole life in the family business, now named Swan St. Florist.

“Mom would bring me to work there and put me in a bassinet,” she said. “She took over the business from my grandfather, who had run it as a grocery store, as had my great-grandfather before him. But, overnight, Mom changed it from food to flowers … and that’s what it is today.

“Even as a youngster, I loved flowers and bring creative,” she said. “Mom always said I could run a glue gun at the age of 5. I really love working with flowers and the creativity it affords me.”

Though she inherited what was a grocery store, her mom was looking for a different line of business.

“Mom’s inspiration to go into flowers came when she was looking at a beer cooler in the store, and thought, ‘What could I do?’ And her answer was flowers … that was 36 years ago.”

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