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Dated Nutrition

Date'd was created to help put an end to modernized eating by delivering traditional methods of ingredient sourcing to you in snack form. Date’d believes in eating and creating food the same way our ancestors did back in the day, where they sourced their own goods and put love into their food.


Established in 1950, Hi-Y was once a dairy and then a beef farm in Little Valley, NY. Not only was Hi-Y a farm -- but a place of comfort and peace for many. Hi-Y is still grounded in integrity, hard work, and strong family bonds...but the family farm is looking a BIT different these days -- from the hemp that grows to the "do-it-our way" style of farming and living that makes the farm unique.

studio 4

Studio 4 East provides high quality custom shirt designs, Bonaventure apparel, screen printing, and embroidery. Studio 4 is the area’s premier custom apparel supplier with artwork second to none!


Sometimes it’s challenging to stick to healthy eating and proper nutrition - challenges such as finding time in our busy lives to buy and cook healthy foods and the costs involved. Go To Meals is the answer! Meals are prepared with healthy ingredients in small batches to ensure quality. They are cost effective and offer a nutritionally balanced meal option that only needs to be warmed up to enjoy!


Paragon Behavioral Health Services started in December of 2017 as a small, women-owned behavioral health company with co-owners, Dr. Kryn McClain and Paulina Colonna as the sole providers. Paragon provides outpatient mental health therapy and autism services.

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