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Genesee Valley school, Ellicottville Greens partner in grant program

BELMONT — Genesee Valley Central School will work with Ellicottville Greens for fresh produce thanks to a grant program.

The school district received almost $120,000 in the form of a Healthy Meals Incentives grant from nonprofit Action for Healthy Kids. The grant comes from a U.S. Department of Agriculture program allocating $30 million to 264 schools nationwide.

The program is coordinated by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Allegany County.

“By partnering with Ellicottville Greens to grow produce hydroponically, the district will have access to fresh, local leafy greens, microgreens, herbs, and more year-round, which is not typical for WNY due to our limited growing season,” said Project Coordinator and Farm to School Educator Alyssa Dean. “Foods that are locally grown are packed full of more flavor and nutrients as there is a shorter distance from harvest to table — in other words, a shorter food supply chain.

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