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A new enterprise: Making photography ‘personal’

OLEAN — For Sarah Blovsky, her photography business is extremely personal — and for good reason. What started out as a fulfilling hobby has turned into her dream business, and the motivation for that sprang from the time she spent with her father as he was battling brain cancer.

“I had been working in admissions at University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, when, after my father’s second surgery, it became apparent that I needed to be home with him,” she said. “I made the decision to stay with him and care for him — and I will never regret that decision.”

Indeed, it was Blovsky’s desire to entertain her dad and put a smile on his face that fanned the flames of her interest in photography. “Dad couldn’t move, so I began taking pictures to show him of what was going on outside — the snow, the landscape, etc. It made him so happy and was such a great sharing time with him. He would say, ‘I love your pictures.’ It was a special time.

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