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Music instructor reaches all ages in her studio

SOUTH DAYTON — Children had always been a focus of Heidi Howard’s life — she spent 10 years as a stay-at-home mom raising her own — and while that left some time for her to teach music to youngsters, her main focus was her family.

However, life had other ideas for Howard, and now with her children grown and out of the house, and 10 years into her business, Miss Heidi’s Music Studio, she welcomes students of all ages. And the title of her business is intentionally inclusive — it has grown from teaching just piano to an assortment of instruments.

“I’ve been very fortunate,” she said. “For example, we had bought a building and a liquor store was supposed to go in there. Well, that fell through, and we decided to take advantage of that and put the music business there.”

Located in South Dayton, her business draws students from the surrounding areas of Colden, Eden and Brockton. And, somewhat surprisingly, she says that 75 percent of her business consists of students who are home-schooled.

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