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Sorvillo Services: Keeping beer lines, ice machines clean

OLEAN — What do beer, ice and fruit flies all have in common?

To Paul Sorvillo, those three not-so-much-in-common items hold the key to his business future at Sorvillo Services. “I clean, service and install draft beer equipment, such as the lines that deliver the beer,” he said. “I provide cleaning services for ice machines. I also provide preventive maintenance on refrigeration systems.”

And the fruit flies? While his other services are a trade he learned while living in Las Vegas, his creation — a potent gel that repels fruit flies — is a welcome relief to bars and other places where fruit flies flourish.

“Fruit flies are attracted to beer, liquor and fruit,” he explained. “What I’ve created is not a trap or a poison, but a gel with scents that fruit flies don’t like. That product is a major key to the future of my business.” While that aspect of the business begins to take hold, Sorvillo has a steady and growing clientele with his other services, with a geographic span of Olean, Jamestown and Ellicottville.

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