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Syntori Collective's path to creativity in Olean area

OLEAN — Balazs Busznyak had anything but a direct path to his career and his business, Syntori Collective.

He attended New England University, where he played football and majored in electrical engineering. When that didn’t seem quite right, he attended a community college to study economics, and then, construction management. Then came a stint at University of Massachusetts at Amherst to pursue business administration. That, too, didn’t satiate the career fire in Busznyak.

But that community college experience did open the door to his eventual career, because that’s where he discovered the power and the innate creativity made possible by drones.

“I went all in and financed a drone and camera equipment,” he said. “It was hands-on learning, not only on how to use the drone but also how to use the drone to make money. That ended up creating so many opportunities for me”

So what does Syntori Collective do? “We empower communities and businesses through creativity,” he said. “We move our clients through inception point of an idea to it being delivered. We are a guide, and extension to the team. We are a full-service creative agency, but the differentiator is our video skills and our creativity.” Simply put, Syntori Collective creates content for its clients.

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